Temporary URL

Here’s an interesting conundrum I came across yesterday. I had a domain set up in Plesk on my VPS server, didn’t want to point the domain at it just yet but did want to access it in the browser. Seeing as it was set up as a virtual host, I needed some easy way to access it without redirecting the domain. I finally settled on the following solution.

My server has a “default” virtual host; this is the one people land on when they type the I.P. address of the server into their browser. So I reasoned, by creating a symbolic link in the public folder of the default virtual host to the public folder of the virtual host I wanted, I could create a temporary URL to access it. To do this, I needed SSH access (which I had) and used the ln -s command. For simplicity, I used the domain name as the link.

Now I can use a URL like as a temporary URL to get to what would eventually be at https://www.rigorous-digital.co.uk.