Imported EPS files are Clipped

So, I was trying to import a .eps file into Inkscape and finding that it would only import half of it. The .eps itself was meant to be landscape but it appeared Inkscape was only able to import it portrait, cutting off the half of the image that didn’t fit. The fix is a relatively simple one for the more technically minded:

  1. Copy the file to the ~/.config/inkscape/extensions/ directory. It’s usually found in /usr/share/inkscape/extensions/ directory. If you’ve got Inkscape as a .app file on the Mac in /Applications, you’ll find it in /Applications/Inkscape/Contents/Resources/extensions/
  2. Open ~/.config/inkscape/extensions/ in your favourite text editor. Change the line run('ps2pdf "%s" "%%s"' % sys.argv[1].replace("%","%%"), "ps2pdf") to run('ps2pdf -dEPSCrop "%s" "%%s"' % sys.argv[1].replace("%","%%"), "ps2pdf")
  3. Close and open Inkscape and open your .eps file

Fixed using this bug report comment.