3 Ways to Show How You Are Spending as a Charity

With the recent alleged concern from supporters regarding RNLIs 2% spending overseas, have you considered how you show your supporters where their contributions go?  Making your figures visual can really help you stand out whether this is in your Annual Report, on your website or ideally both. That way existing and potential supporters are able to see at a glance what proportions are going on what aspects of the charity expenditure. This can be in the form of a percentage total figure for the year or converted into pence per pound.   Below are 3 ways to represent both your incomings and outgoings visually with examples.  

Make It Visual

  • Infographic – A visual way to present information including facts and figures, these can take a variety of styles. There are numerous software packages you can use to create an infographic quickly and cheaply (or even in some cases for free). Canva is my personal favorite. Cancer Research UK has an infographic depicting how many pence per pound is used to beat cancer. 
  • Video/ Animated Infographic – combining the above with animation can really set your figures off (quite literally – they can drop in, fly down, you name it!). An example of a charity who has done this is the British Heart Foundation.  
  • Graphs – Be it bar charts, pie charts or pictorial charts, these can be combined with the above or used in their own right to visually display your figures. An example of a charity who uses graphs to represent their incomings and outgoing is Save The Children.   

A picture is worth 1000 pounds words!

Could you be attracting more donations with a visually appealing format for reporting? Adding a graph, infographic or video/ animated infographic offers and clear and concise way to show where the money comes from and where it goes. This transparency helps to build trust which in turn could secure new donations and maintain existing supporters. All those extra donations really could add up. 

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