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We're a certified Google Partner pay per click agency

This means we meet Google’s requirement for a specialist pay per click & AdWords agency (including account size, specialist knowledge and general best practices). This gives us access to Google’s Partner programme, which means we work directly with Google.

You may wonder if it truly matters whether the PPC agency you join forces with is a certified Google Partner agency.

But here at Rigorous Digital, we aren’t just about making all the right noises. Our Google Partner certified status means we fulfil Google’s own criteria for a specialist pay per click and AdWords agency. Even more than that, it gives us access to Google’s Partner programme, working directly alongside the search giant.

Finding the best campaign for you

With Google receiving gargantuan traffic each and every day, it is a key portal for any business or organisation looking to build visibility, traffic and awareness online. Select Rigorous Digital as your certified Google Partner pay per click agency, however, and we won’t just manage your ads – we’ll also optimise your website to amplify your ads’ impact.

We’ll pore over the relevant data and devise the best-informed strategy for PPC success, so that you can focus more squarely on what your third sector organisation or agency already excels in. This analysis of marketing data is carried out in order to find the best possible keywords, audiences and sites to place your adverts. In doing so, we keep your costs lower and get you more sales for the same budget.

Building for success

Whether you’ve used Google Ads previously to promote your brand to its target audiences, or you’re completely new to the world of pay per click, we’ll show you what’s possible with this extremely powerful tool. But did you know, that a better website means you save money on your cost per click? It’s true. That’s why we constantly monitor your website’s performance and tweak that, as well as your campaign.

One of the most distinctive aspects of our service as a Google AdWords agency, is that we see your website and pay per click campaign as no more or less important than the other. We’ll draw upon the insights we gain from tracking your site’s performance, to continually refine both of these crucial elements of your online presence.

A lot of pay per click agencies just work on your ads. We’ll work on your site too.

All under one roof

There are just so many aspects you’ll need to get right if your brand is to be as impactful using Google Ads as it can be. That’s precisely why a data-driven, continually evolving and holistic approach is so crucial. 

The keywords you choose, the audiences you target, all of those little adjustments you make to your site’s design and development underpinnings and the ads themselves. They all add up. And our agency possesses the track record of bringing it all together to generate results. Get in touch today to learn how our agency can help increase your online revenue with Google Ads. 

As your pay per click agency, we’ll manage your advertising campaign, measure its effectiveness and then make changes to your site to improve your conversion rate. That means you can leave the lead/sales generation to us, and know whether it’s design, data, AdWords or development we’re handling it.

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Our Process for PPC Management

We think Pay Per Click advertising needs to be addressed from advert through to sale. That’s why we work on the whole process to generate sales, not just traffic.


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