4 Tips to Help Prevent Your Charity From Falling Victim to Fraud

October 21st – 25th 2019 was International Charity Fraud Awareness Week. Each day covered a key theme; understanding charity fraud, fundraising (donation) fraud, cybercrime & cybersecurity, internal (insider) fraud & keeping data safe. In case you missed it, here is a round-up of our tips from our social media updates throughout the week on how you can protect your charity from fraud.

Understanding charity fraud 

As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. Raising awareness is the first step in tackling Charity Fraud. It’s easy to think “that will never happen to us” but fraud can affect organizations of all kinds, including those in the third sector.

Charity Fraud Awareness Week is led by an international partnership of over 40 charities, regulators professional representative bodies and other not-for-profit stakeholders working together to combat fraud against charities. 

1. Fundraising (donation) fraud

Charity Fraud Awareness Week

You can assess the level of fraud risk you’re exposed to & make changes within the verification rules of your online payment process within your WordPress website. If you would like some help with this please get in touch.

2. Cybercrime & cybersecurity 

Charity Fraud Awareness Week

There are a few must-have plugins out there that can really help secure your website & some will even run malware scans automatically. Check out this blog post for some recommendations & also what to do if your site has been hacked!

3. Internal (insider) fraud

Charity Fraud Awareness Week

You can remove users who no longer need admin access as well as restrict employee access to specific areas of your WordPress website. If you would like us to help with this please get in touch.

4. Keeping data safe

Charity Fraud Awareness Week

If you’re a charity using WordPress, and you’re wondering what areas you might need to address to make sure your site’s GDPR compliant, we’ve put together this article.


Just because International Charity Fraud Awareness Week is over for another year, it is important to remain vigilant to protect your charity and the valuable work it undertakes from fraud. Hopefully, these tips will help. If you do have any questions on the above or any other aspects of WordPress support please do get in touch. 

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