WordPress technical support in plain English

At one level, WordPress is very simple to use, which is one of the reasons it’s so popular. Adding content, changing content and deleting content is very straightforward and can be done by almost anyone, regardless of their technical skills. At this level, WordPress technical support is rarely required.

No WordPress technical support needed?

Unfortunately, WordPress’s ease of use can also present a problem because it’s easy to think that because it’s easy to use, no WordPress technical support will be needed. Management of the WordPress website can be the responsibility of the marketing department or perhaps the MD’s PA.

Most of the time, this is fine. But unless the person responsible for the website has a lot of technical knowledge, the chances are that technical support will be needed at one point or another. And if you aren’t technically minded, it can seem as if technical support and plain English are two completely separate things. (Especially if you’ve delved into some of the WordPress support forums and quickly found yourself scanning through what seem like jargon-filled and incomprehensible answers.)

Here at Rigorous, we promise to be different. When you approach us for WordPress technical support we promise there’ll be no jargon. We believe that if we can’t explain something in a way that anyone can understand it, we don’t understand it well enough ourselves. So if there’s ever something you don’t understand, we’re always happy to explain it.

We also offer WordPress technical support packages, so you can get on with the fun and important stuff to do with your website while we take care of the technical (but still important) aspects. It’s a value-added service that’s designed to give you peace of mind, but also help you to get your website working harder for you.