What does WordPress website monitoring mean?

You’re told that WordPress website monitoring is important. But why is it important to monitor your WordPress website? And what does it mean?

What WordPress website monitoring means when you Google it

When you Google “WordPress website monitoring”, you quickly see that most people take it to mean monitoring your website’s uptime (that is, the amount of time it is available for people to visit). The higher the uptime the better. This is simply because the more frequently your website is down, the fewer people will be able to browse it. Google penalises websites that are frequently down for this reason.

Generally, a website is down because of problems with its server. Generally, your website will only be down for a matter of seconds before being available again. And generally, these problems will be resolved without any action needed from you (apart, perhaps, from a quick phone call to your web host to make sure they’re on the case if the site has been down for longer than a few minutes). In case nothing’s resolved, should probably be thinking about changing host – here are the best WordPress hosting companies compared | WP Site Care.

There are lots of free and paid for plugins you can get for WordPress website monitoring. They all provide the vital service of letting you know when your website is down.

What WordPress website monitoring means at Rigorous

Here at Rigorous, when we say WordPress website monitoring, we mean monitoring your website to maximise its uptime just like everyone else.

We mean we’re on the case if it’s a matter of letting your web host know there’s a problem. We’re also on the case fixing your website if it’s down because it’s been hacked.

But we mean something else by WordPress website monitoring too. We mean monitoring to assess visitor numbers, visitor activity, numbers of enquiries made and anything else that’s important to your business and its website. And we mean looking at ways to improve all of them.

It’s WordPress website monitoring that can’t be done with a plugin.

If this is what WordPress website monitoring means to you too, get in touch. It may be that our monthly WordPress support packages are just what you’ve been looking for.

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