What are the options for WordPress website packages?

There are lots of web design companies out there offering WordPress website packages. So how do you make sure you have chosen the package that is right for your business?

To my way of thinking, the elements of WordPress website packages can be divided into two categories. The first is the essentials: all WordPress website packages should contain these elements. The second is the differentiators: these are the elements that will help you create your shortlist of possible WordPress website packages because they will offer particular things your business will find useful.

WordPress website packages: the essentials

Let’s start with the essentials of WordPress website packages. You need to be sure that the quote for the work includes:

  • the design
  • all the functionality you need
  • SEO configuration

WordPress website packages: the differentiators

It’s the differentiators that will make it easier to choose between WordPress website packages. Here are some of the things you might like to think about.

Expertise and support during the planning stages. A good website will need a sizeable investment of your time and money, so you want to make sure it works hard for your business once it’s live. If you’ve got digital marketing expertise in house, you might not need any more support. But if you don’t have this luxury, working with someone who can ask the right questions and help you put together a coherent digital marketing plan for your website could be invaluable

Support and advice on the content of your website. Writing the content for your website will be a big job. Is this something you’re happy to do yourself? Does your web developer have top tips to help you write good website copy? Do they work with web copywriters who can help take the job off your hands?

Ongoing support. What happens when your website goes live? If you have technical and digital marketing expertise in-house you may not need any ongoing support. But if you don’t, knowing your web developer offers a support package will be invaluable.

So that’s what you need to look for when comparing WordPress website packages. For more on choosing the right web developer for you, read my five top tips on choosing a WordPress site developer.

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