Is it OK to ask for one-off help with WordPress?

So, you’re managing your WordPress site well. You’re finding it easy to add / amend / restructure content and all is well. But then you hit a brick wall. Something goes wrong or you can’t work out how to do something. Suddenly, you need WordPress help and you need it fast. But is it OK to get a company to provide a spot of one-off support?

In short, yes, of course it’s OK to get a company to provide one-off WordPress help. Perhaps the better question to ask is…

Is it wise to ask for one-off WordPress help?

There are lots of reasons why seeking one-off WordPress help might not be a good business decision.

You’ll have someone working on your site who doesn’t know its structure or the plugins it uses. This won’t necessarily be a problem, but sometimes it will be. Every WordPress developer has a cautionary tale about changing one thing and inadvertently breaking another. When they know your site and the way it works, they’ll know to check that everything still works as it should. If they don’t, they may not.

You’ll also have someone working with your business that doesn’t know it very well. Again, this might not necessarily be a problem. But if you’re asking for advice or an opinion, it’s better to ask someone who knows your business and can make a recommendation that takes it into account.

And you won’t necessarily be top priority. If you’ve got an urgent problem (your site is down, say), you need to know that someone will be looking at it urgently.

It’s better to have WordPress help on hand

Rather than seeking ad hoc WordPress help, it is often better to have ongoing WordPress maintenance and support in place. By partnering with a WordPress support company you’ll have lots of benefits. You’ll be working with a company that understands your site, its structure and the plugins it uses. You’ll be working with a company that knows your business and can help you achieve its objectives. And you’ll be a priority customer if you have an urgent question. In short, they’ll be a genuinely useful asset to your business as well as giving you peace of mind when it comes to your website.

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