Five Top Tips: How to choose a WordPress site developer

So, you’ve made the biggest decision about your website. You’re going to use WordPress. Now for the next biggest decision: your WordPress site developer. How do you make sure you’ve chosen the WordPress site developer who’s right for you? Here are my five top tips.

Ask for a WordPress site developer recommendation

First of all, you need to draw up a shortlist of potential WordPress site developers. You can do this using Google (other search engine are available). It’s also a good idea to ask your network for recommendations. If someone you know and trust can recommend a WordPress site developer then that’s a good start.

Meet your WordPress site developer shortlist

Once you’ve found a few WordPress site developers, you need to meet them. You’ll be working closely with them when your WordPress site is being developed and maybe in the longer term too, so it’s important to know you’ll get on with them. It’s also important you are able to understand them. Do they use jargon you don’t understand and they can’t explain?

Find out what other sites your WordPress site developer has worked on

Ask to see examples of previous websites the WordPress site developer has worked on. If you have an idea of what you want your own website to be able to do, you can find out if the developer has done anything similar so you know they’re capable of handling it.

Look for a value added WordPress site developer

The most important thing your WordPress site developer needs to be able to do is develop a website that works. But they may be able to bring other skills too. Can they bring web marketing expertise that you can tap into, for example?

Check on your WordPress site developer’s terms and the support available

Once your website is live, it is going to need maintenance. New content, of course, which you’ll be able to add yourself. It will also need technical maintenance to help keep it secure, which you may be less confident about doing. Find out whether your WordPress site developer offers ongoing WordPress support packages to keep your site up to scratch. If they don’t, check you will be able to take your site elsewhere without any difficulty.

Those are my five top tips on choosing a WordPress site developer. What are yours?

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