What are the options for WordPress support?

So you’ve got a WordPress website. Congratulations – in my opinion you’ve chosen (or had chosen for you) one of the best web content management systems (CMSs) in the world. But I’m not sure it’s enough on its own.

Having a great CMS that makes it easy to add and update information is no good unless you’ve got a marketing strategy in place to make sure your website is working hard for you. And – as easy as WordPress is on a day-to-day level – you’ll need a level of IT/web expertise when the worst happens and something goes wrong.

If these aren’t in place, you need to start thinking about WordPress support. I think there are two approaches to this: reactive and proactive.

The reactive approach to WordPress support

If you’ve got the marketing strategy in place or are only concerned if something goes wrong, you could leave finding WordPress support until something does.

Of course, the downsides to this reactive approach are obvious. If it’s an emergency, you’re likely to be looking for the WordPress support company that can react the quickest rather than the one that is the best for your company. And if your website is particularly complex or has lots of bespoke elements, handing it over to someone who doesn’t know it is risky when you’re looking for a quick fix.

The proactive approach to WordPress support

As you can probably tell, I think a proactive approach to WordPress support is better. I think this is especially true if you want to make sure your website is justifying its investment.

  • You have someone who knows your site and your business so they can offer useful marketing advice and tips
  • You have someone to nudge you to make sure your site is working as hard as it can
  • You have someone to rely on in an emergency (although because you have someone undertaking regular checks and maintenance, those emergencies are much less likely to happen).

If you think a proactive approach would benefit your business and your website, we offer three WordPress support packages so you can choose the level of support that’s right for you. Take a look at the WordPress support services offered within each package.

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