Joining the ranks of the WordPress experts – Part 2

In the last post I talked about how joining the ranks of the WordPress experts was something you should consider doing. On the other hand, I think there’s a stronger argument for deciding that rather than even thinking about becoming a WordPress expert yourself you should simply enlist the help of someone who already is one of the world’s WordPress experts.

Here’s why.

WordPress websites and the plugins they use need regular updating. This is a good thing. It means that if you install these updates your website is using the latest technology and has maximum protection against being hacked because of security breaches. Ignoring these updates can leave your site exposed to threats. But equally, accepting the notifications without knowing how, why or if your site will be affected can be dangerous too, if only because your site doesn’t work properly as a result.

Think of WordPress experts like accountants or mechanics

We turn to experts the whole time in other areas and don’t think twice. We gather together our receipts but we use accountants to do the technical work on our accounts. We fill our cars with fuel but we use mechanics to keep them running smoothly. We clean our teeth but we also visit the dentist to make sure our teeth are healthy. And so on.

Maintaining a website is no different. Just because you’ve got access to the ‘back end’ of your website doesn’t mean you should become an expert on it. You can open your car’s bonnet to look at its engine but you still take it to an expert to be serviced or if anything goes wrong.

Don’t join the ranks of the WordPress experts – enlist the help of one

I think knowing how to add content and images to your website is a good idea. Being able to make changes like this means it’s easy to keep your clients and prospective clients up-to-date about what’s happening in your business. But don’t try to do anything more than that. Instead, get a WordPress expert on board who can keep your website fine-tuned so you’ve got peace of mind that it’s all running smoothly and safely ‘under the bonnet’.

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