Why a WordPress monthly support package will improve your marketing

In the early days of WordPress, the joy of it was that you could update your website yourself and didn’t need any technical expertise. These days, the joy of being able to update your own website is still there: in fact, it’s probably the main reason you chose a WordPress site.

But there’s also a growing awareness that being able to do this isn’t enough. To keep your WordPress website running smoothly, you do need an element of technical expertise. The answer to gaining that technical expertise is to invest in a WordPress monthly support package. For a fixed monthly price you have peace of mind that the technical aspects of your website are being taken care of. It’s an option that’s getting more and more popular for good reason.

WordPress monthly support packages are about more than just the technicalities

But I also think there’s more to a good WordPress monthly support package than just technical reassurance. I believe it should help you make your website work harder too. Because, let’s face it, you probably invested a fair sum of money in getting your website up and running. You need to know it is working as hard as it can and delivering a good return on investment.

You’re probably already doing this by having a strong internet marketing strategy in place and testing and measuring as you go. The advantage of a good WordPress monthly support package is the extra expertise it will give you in this area. As well as ticking all the technical boxes, a good WordPress monthly support package will include monthly site enhancement suggestions. It may also include traffic reports (including a non-techie explanation of what it all means!) and SEO information.

The advantage of having a WordPress expert helping you with this is the additional knowledge they’re gaining all the time about the best internet marketing strategies and tools. This is valuable information they can pass on to you to help your website work harder and deliver excellent return on investment.

Think of it like this. A WordPress monthly support package can be like having an internet marketing coach to give you a wealth of extra insight. If you think that sounds like a good investment, get in touch.

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