WordPress support forums: indispensable or irritating?

One of the best things about WordPress is the support forums. They are where WordPress users all over the world post problems and provide solutions.

When WordPress support forums are indispensable

If you have any queries, can’t figure something out or have just got a problem with your WordPress site, WordPress support forums are the best place to start. The chances are that someone else will have had exactly the same problem and you’ll be able to find the answer in an instant.

And if you’re the first to have the problem, well, no problem. Simply post your question in the appropriate forum and wait for the answer.

However, I say that as a web developer who understands the language of WordPress.

When WordPress support forums are irritating

The truth is that the WordPress support forums are indispensable, but only if you speak the language. The answers are written by WordPress experts and technical wizards who speak the WordPress language. That’s really reassuring because you know you’re getting good advice.

But if you don’t understand the language, you may not know how to ask the right question, let alone understand the answer. If that’s the case, you’re likely to find them incredibly irritating.

This is the problem that many of the people we work with had. They had got a WordPress website and probably understood the basics of updating it. But if they encountered a problem or wanted to do anything but the basics, they were stuck. Not because the help wasn’t available in the WordPress support forums, but because the help was there, they just couldn’t understand it.

They came to Rigorous because a WordPress support forum wasn’t useful to them. They needed WordPress experts who could either solve the problem without resorting to the WordPress support forums or who could understand what the answers were saying.

If that sounds like you, please get in touch. Let’s discuss how Rigorous can help stop you tearing your hair out while reading a WordPress support forum. (And we promise: we’ll never speak the language of WordPress when we’re talking to you unless you want us to!)

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