Free Shipping for eCommerce [Infographic]

When you’re looking to increase orders on your eCommerce website, one of our top tips is to offer free shipping. Unfortunately, with so many large companies offering this, customers have become accustomed to not paying for postage. Therefore, not offering free shipping can be a real pain point, putting them off completing their order on your website.

Before you baulk at the idea, hear us out, as there’s not just one way to offer this! We know it is not always possible to provide free shipping on all orders. After all, it is a massive cost to your business. We’ve put together four other options of how to use this clever little tactic. So you can reap the benefits without breaking the bank in the process. Check out the below infographic for our suggestions.

Free shipping infographic

A Side Note on Point 04; marking up the price of something with a relatively consistent price across retailers to include shipping will probably make it much more expensive than your competitors and, therefore, will not entice customers to buy from you. But this can work well for handmade items where you would usually factor in the cost of materials and time but may not have thought to factor in postage costs.

As you can see, offering free shipping does not always have to mean across the entirety of your website. Because let’s be honest, if you are not the size of a massive corporation, this just isn’t viable. The problem is, in many cases, you still have to compete with said big names. Therefore, implementing one of these four tactics can be enough to increase your sales.

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