Help, My Pay Per Click Campaign Is Not Working!

A pay per click (PPC) campaign can add fantastic value to your business’s marketing strategy, especially when one of your goals is to generate more visitors to your website or online shop. In short, PPC is a type of advertising in which, as it is named, you only pay per click, so when someone clicks on your ad. Like most things, though, it’s not always as simple as setting up the advert and then waiting for the magic to happen. In fact, sometimes the magic doesn’t happen at all, and the campaign simply doesn’t work. Here at Rigorous Digital, we have highlighted our top five reasons that might cause you to scream, “help, my PPC campaign is not working!” and hopefully show you how you can fix the problem. 

1. Set-up

Setting up your ad account might sound relatively simple. But if you don’t get it right, you can hamper your entire campaign. Make sure you use the right campaign type to correspond with your marketing goals while determining where your ads appear and what ads you can create. For example, if you sell products, it can be beneficial to set up a shopping campaign, which allows you to place ads on Google shopping.

When setting up your account, make sure you consider the location. While it might be tempting to set yourself a large radius in the hope of reaching more people, you might actually see more value in choosing a more specific location. 

2. PPC Keywords

The route to a successful PPC campaign is doing your research before you start. Without proper keyword research, you’re likely to find you’ve wasted both time and money on keywords that aren’t necessarily relevant to your advert or your business. 

Magnifying glass over laptop keyboard for PPC Keyword image

3. Lack of PPC Ad-Extensions

When PPC campaigns aren’t working, it can be because there’s a lack of additional information. You can prevent this by trying ad-extensions, which enable you to show further but relevant information about your business. For example, site link extensions allow you to include additional links to your advert or location extensions allow you to display your address in the advert.

4. Not Enough Time

Like with so many marketing techniques, you need to give PPC campaigns enough time. Be patient. Resist the temptation to close a campaign just because you haven’t seen the results you expected within a week. Getting it right requires a lot of testing to see which keywords work and get people to visit your website. You can then make tweaks as you go.

5. Website Worries

Even the most impressive PPC campaign will not perform perfectly if your website is not up to speed. After all, your campaign will only be as effective as the website it drives customers to. Bearing this in mind, devote time to optimise your website to ensure it represents the luxury of your brand.  

There are many reasons your PPC campaign might not be working as well as you wish. We’ve covered some of the major causes for the low number of clicks your advert is receiving. As a certified Google Partner pay per click agency, Rigorous Digital is a specialist in the industry. Get in touch and let our team of experts support you in creating the best campaign for you and ultimately help drive sales without necessarily increasing your ad spend.

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