When do you need WordPress theme support?

What is a WordPress theme?

Before we consider when you might need WordPress theme support, let’s take a step back and answer the question that many of you may be asking. What is a WordPress theme and do I have one? Your WordPress theme is basically the design of your website and the way the information on it is presented. Every WordPress website has a theme, so yes, your website has one.

WordPress themes come in the form of templates. You can either use them “as is” or you can adapt them so they look exactly like you want them to look and do exactly want you want them to do. You can also design a bespoke theme from scratch without using a template. If your WordPress website has been designed by a professional web development company the chances are that it uses a modified WordPress theme template or a bespoke theme.

When do you need WordPress theme support?

So, now we’ve answered the first question, it’s probably a bit clearer when you might need WordPress theme support. Essentially, if you want to do anything other than update the words or add new pages, you might need WordPress theme support.

You might need WordPress theme support because you’re introducing a new product or service that doesn’t sit in the site quite as well as it could. You might need it because you had a logo refresh and the colours no longer work. You might need it because you’ve got a new marketing approach and the way the site works doesn’t do it justice. You might need it because your original WordPress theme has been updated and you’re not sure if everything will still work correctly once you’ve updated it.

Getting regular WordPress theme support

As I’ve said previously, there are two ways to approach WordPress support: only in an emergency or with regular website maintenance. The same approach applies to WordPress theme support. Of course, we’re on hand if you need us in an emergency. But our Proactive Support package will give you peace of mind when your theme is updated. And our Bespoke Support package includes theme amends and development so your website can always look as good and work as hard as you want it to.

To find out more about our WordPress support packages, get in touch.

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