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A 10 Point WordPress Maintenance Checklist

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Much like a car, to keep your WordPress website running smoothly, you’ll need to keep up with a regular WordPress maintenance schedule. Not sure where to start? With the following WordPress Maintenance ten-point checklist, not only will you be taking preventative measures to protect your website. But you’ll also be well-equipped to swiftly manage any…

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WordPress Ecommerce: 7 ways to improve your bottom line

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Wordpress is a solid, flexible and scalable choice for your Wordpress Ecommerce website. You’re probably already using WooCommerce to power your Wordpress Ecommerce shop but what can you do to really improve your Ecommerce revenue through your Wordpress site? Here’s what you can do to really get your profits up. Speed your Wordpress Ecommerce site... Read More

Website support and maintenance: why you shouldn’t neglect it

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Website design is the exciting bit of having a website. Website support and maintenance is the stuff that happens after your website goes live and it’s very easy to see it as something unimportant you can neglect. I’d like to make the case that website support and maintenance is just as important as the build... Read More

Where’s the best place to get WordPress plugin help?

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So, you’ve got a WordPress website. You’ve got a couple of clever plugins that, with a little bit of customisation by your web developer, have given your site exactly the functionality it needs at a fraction of the cost of developing something from the ground up. Great! Except you’ve found you’ve got a problem with…

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Why Website Maintenance is Important

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Websites are often designed, built and delivered with website maintenance being an afterthought, or not at all. After the amendment period (ours is 30 days, which is about industry average) the website's all yours to do with as you see fit. It's at this point websites usually get left to their own devices; blogs with... Read More