Where’s the best place to get WordPress plugin help?

So, you’ve got a WordPress website. You’ve got a couple of clever plugins that, with a little bit of customisation by your web developer, have given your site exactly the functionality it needs at a fraction of the cost of developing something from the ground up. Great! Except you’ve found you’ve got a problem with one of the plugins and something’s not working. So what are the options? Where’s the best place to get WordPress plugin help?

Get WordPress plugin help from the web

WordPress plugins usually have websites associated with them. Many of them have got help sections or forums as well as the facility to contact the plugin’s developers directly. A general Google search may also help you find the solution to the problem.

If you’re reasonably technically minded, this is good route to go. If you’re not, or if time is an issue, WordPress plugin help may need to come in another form.

Get WordPress plugin help from your web developer

If it’s a service that your web developer offers, one of the best options open to you in terms of WordPress plugin help is to get in touch with them and ask for their support.

Get WordPress plugin help from an independent support company

If your web developer doesn’t offer WordPress plugin help, you can contact an independent support company for help. For advice on how to choose a good one, read What to look for in a WordPress support company.

Get something in place so you won’t need to find emergency WordPress plugin help again

Once the problem is fixed, you’ll probably find yourself wondering what will happen the next time something like that happens. Opting for ongoing WordPress maintenance and support will give you the peace of mind you need that someone’s ‘got your back’ when it comes to your website.

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