Striking WordPress support sets the theme apart

Kaptinlin’s Striking theme for WordPress is widely thought to one of the most powerful themes you can purchase for your website. It’s billed as the ‘ultimate responsive WordPress theme’ and it seems that plenty of people agree – over 17,000 sites use it and that number keeps growing.

It’s easy to see why Striking is so popular as a theme. It’s flexible, scalable and regularly updated so it’s a good choice if you’re a growing business that plans to be here for the long term (and which business isn’t?)  But I think there’s another reason – peace of mind.

The support helps to make the Striking WordPress theme so popular

It’s certainly true that lots of people rave about what the Striking theme offers technically.

But the other thing you quickly notice when you start to investigate the Striking theme is the number of compliments about the support that’s available. It’s an active, proactive and impressive approach and it’s certainly something people value. There’s a dedicated Striking support team and the Striking support forum has been called a model for the way it should be done.

If you’re comfortable working with code, the forum has almost certainly got all the answers you need. If you’re less comfortable, you can pay for Striking support from the team to get your problem fixed or your question answered.

One step beyond Striking WordPress support

This online and paid-for support from the Striking support team gives great peace of mind and brings the human element to WordPress theme support. If your WordPress site uses Striking and you need help, it’s certainly something it’s good to know you’ve got access to.

But if you’re looking something a bit extra than just straightforward theme support to fix something that’s broken – or don’t fancy being one of the 17,000 people who could be getting in touch for support – it might not be what you need. In which case, I’d recommend WordPress maintenance and support that looks at the bigger picture. (There are some tips on what to look for in a WordPress support company here.)

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